Digital Technology

KRAYONS ACADEMY employs an innovative digital photo program (Photo Gallery) for easy identification of children, parents and authorized pickup persons. 

  1. Once enrolled, we take digital photos of you, your child                                                                                                     and anyone else who you authorize to pick your child up                                                                                                    from our child care facilities.

  2. Each enrolled child receives their own individual access                                                                                                            code which you will use to check them in and out each                                                                                                       day using a touch screen monitor.

  3. When you check your child out through the touch screen,                                                                                                       a KRAYONS representative will confirm your displayed                                                                                                    picture along with your child and whoever else is             qualified                                                                              qualified to pick them up.   

  4. If a person requesting to pick your child up is not in our                                                                                                    system and/or does not know your child's access code,                                                                                                        KRAYONS ACADEMY will not release your child to them.









Ultimate Safety in Transportation

KRAYONS ACADEMY has a fleet of Girardin 14 passenger "Childcare Safety Vehicles" which posses the latest safety technology available in public transportation.  We spare no expense for your child's safety and our vehicles, which employ many features exceeding those required by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the State of Georgia, is another example of how "Our Way is Your Way".  A few of the features include:

  • Child Checkmate Child Detection System

  • Under Seat Heaters

  • Front and Rear Air Conditioning

  • 34" DOT School Bus Seats with Seatbelts

  • Static Roof Vent

  • Tinted Shaded Windows

  • Back Up Lamps and Alarms

  • Child Reminder System



Daycare Surveillance Cameras - Why put cameras in our centers?

We put security in our homes and our vehicles, why not our most prized possession; our children."  Darryl Garnett - President Children View Inc.




Technology is used for security purposes in all other industries so why not the childcare industry?  Cameras in daycares are a win win situation for both the parents and the childcare center.  When a childcare center installs a daycare surveillance system they are telling the world that they have nothing to hide.  Both Krayons Academy facilities contain 2-4 auto tracking cameras in each of the 16 instructional areas (including the playground) which includes a continuous recorded feed to a monitoring board.   This includes a playback feature which is provided to give you, as a parent, a feeling of comfort knowing that your children are receiving the best of care from the time they enter the facility until they are picked up at the day's end.   A daycare video system is an extension of the childcare centers open door policy.Items to consider when choosing Childcare Facility.

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